The importance of self-care

Self-care is important for building resilience towards life stressors and things that are outwith our control, e.g. COVID-19. When we take steps to care for our body, spirit and mind, we will be better equipped to face stressors head-on. Unfortunately, many people view self-care as a luxury, rather than a priority. Consequently, they’re left feeling overwhelmed, tired, andContinue reading “The importance of self-care”

What to do if your income has been affected by COVID-19

All around the world people have been affected by COVID-19 in so many different ways. For many, the unexpected shock of redundancy or reduced salaries has had a huge knock-on effect when it comes to personal finances. Whether you have been hit hard in the pocket by COVID-19, or whether you’ve been fortunate and beenContinue reading “What to do if your income has been affected by COVID-19”