Boost your confidence by learning something new

Ever fancied learning the guitar, a new language, or Latin American dancing? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try golf or you’d like to learn how to cook Indian food? Whatever your interest and whatever your age, learning something new is not only fun, it can also be good for you. Research shows there are several waysContinue reading “Boost your confidence by learning something new”

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

Crises come into all our lives at some time or other, and no matter how we may try to avoid them, they are troubling, unwanted experiences or events that take us way out of our comfort zone. Typically, crises result in loss of some kind. The very nature of a crisis undermines all previous certaintyContinue reading “Turning a crisis into an opportunity”

7 tips for dealing with disappointment

We all face disappointment in our lives from time-to-time, and it hurts, but it’s what we learn from life’s disappointments that makes all the difference between falling apart and becoming a much stronger person despite such. I’d like to share the following tips that I’ve learned over the years which have helped me to handleContinue reading “7 tips for dealing with disappointment”