Don’t miss out! (14 benefits of learning)

When you think about what you do every day, you probably wouldn’t put learning new things on your list. Living a busy life can make it difficult to think about trying something new, but you could be really missing out, both personally and professionally.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

–Chinese Proverb

Let’s take a look at what you could be missing…

14 benefits of learning:

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  1. Growth as a person. You will develop your knowledge base and improve yourself for the better. A person with a rich seam of knowledge is often a good conversationalist with finely tuned interests and skills. This makes us more attractive to other people.
  2. Access new opportunities. Learning something new gives you access to different opportunities and the chance to try new experiences that might be the best ones that you have ever tried.
  3. You could earn more money from learning a new skill or by developing one that is relevant to the work that you do. You can rejuvenate your working life and get so much more from it.
  4. Developing a new skill can influence the way that you do things day to day, so that some things become quicker and easier to do, saving you time, energy and stress.
  5. Improve your self-esteem. When we succeed in learning something we feel better, more confident in ourselves and our ability to tackle all sorts of new tasks.
  6. Enhances your quality of life. Learning provides you with an escape when you need it, knowledge when you seek it, and a great and satisfying pastime.
  7. You will set your loved ones a good example. There’s nothing that gets children interested like observing their parents expressing excitement about learning. Inspire your kids to want to learn, too. Better still, learn together and share a common interest for life.
  8. Reduces stress. A new hobby can be a great stress reliever. It helps us break out of our normal patterns of behaviour. It gives our brains something to think about other than our daily worries. It might be a mere temporary distraction, but it shows our mind and body that thinking about something other than stressful things is possible and desirable.
  9. Learning something new has social benefits. More often than not, learning is a social activity and it can help us connect with other people, which is sometimes difficult to do on a meaningful level in today’s electronic world. Social connections are vital to our mental well-being.
  10. It will give you some quality “me time”. Learning something new might be the excuse you need for some “me time”–time away from work or family… and it might just be what you need to keep you sane. And them too, lol!
  11. Learning something new can be fun. Resolving to learn something new is exciting: the world is full of fascinating skills and talents. And the process of discovering them, (not just the end result), is enjoyable and rewarding.
  12. You will improve your mental health. One reason why learning has a positive impact on our mental well-being is that it is often about setting goals or targets and achieving these. This sense of achievement is an important part of ‘doing well’ completing a project is a satisfying way to gain this feeling of accomplishment.
  13. Learners can inspire and teach others. People who have acquired knowledge or skills can pass that information to others. Indeed, Agrawal says, “The only way to mastery is through teaching.” One of the best feelings in the world is teaching others what you’ve learned. Often you will learn much more yourself by doing so.
  14. Helps us keep up with the different generations. Learning new subjects helps to keep us tuned up with the current perceptions in this fast changing world. It prevents stagnation of thought and action. This also means that people of different generations can have meaningful and constructive debates on subjects that are mutually interesting on an even playing field.
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At the time of writing this post, I am learning something new! I have enrolled on a non-portrait photography course, i.e. Everyday Beauty by award winning photographer, Sue Bahen. You can read all about it here on my photography website: Every day Beauty which includes a link to the actual online course as well.

I hope you have been encouraged to consider learning something new likewise. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.


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