5 mindful games for all the family

I’ve chosen five of my favourite inexpensive games to review this week—all complete with “how-to” videos.

Fun, frustrating, exciting—they’ve got the lot, plus most are suitable for all the family.

First on my list is:

1 Shut the Box

I love this particular game. It can be played solo, in two’s, or in a group of four (depending on which box you purchase).

The objective of this game is to shut the box with minimal die rolls. Players hope to avoid a final die roll that won’t shut down remaining numbers, rendering them stuck! The first person to shut the box wins.

Costs between £10.00 and £20.00 (depending on board choice) from Amazon

Suitable for ages 6+ to adult

2 Wooden Memory Chess

Don’t be fooled by this game—it’s not just for younger children as suggested! Adults can play this game also. The person with the most coloured pegs once the board is empty wins.

This game reminds me of Mastermind, but without the clues—an excellent game for exercising memory.

Suitable for ages 5+ to adult

Costs around £10.00 from Amazon

3 Boggle

This particular game challenges your thinking. You have to concentrate if you want to win! Fab game if you enjoy a challenge.

Suitable for ages 6+ to adult

The only downside is Boggle doesn’t come with its own notepads and pencils.

Costs around £8.00 from Amazon

4 Word Wheel

An absolute favourite. I play this game in my spare time. It can be picked up and put down at leisure.

This game is not as easy as it looks. It’s a real brain teaser and has players chomping at the bit trying to figure out their next set of words! Addictive and difficult to put down. This game will give the old brain cells a really good workout.

I have played this game five times so far and have only managed to find 16 sets of words!!!  There are over 120 four-letter sets to be discovered. Haha, it could take some time to find them all!!! 

Suitable for ages 6+ to adult

The only downside is it doesn’t come with a notepad and pen to record your pairs.

Costs around £8.00 from Amazon

5 Magic Block Game

This game is the same as Rubik’s Cube but on a smaller set-up. Absolutely love this game which is played between 2 players.

It’s a fun game which will thrill, frustrate and have you on the edge of your seat! Really competitive.

Suitable for ages 6+ to adult

Costs around £12.00 from Amazon

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