Christmas survival guide

COVID-19 has played a major part in dictating how we each have lived our lives these past 11 months, but it doesn’t have to ruin Christmas!

With restrictions and lockdown in most parts of the UK (and the world even) how can we ensure we make this Christmas a special one?

Here are a few ideas:

Make a fun list of things to do

  • Get the kids together and drive around and enjoy looking at all the Christmas lights and trees in windows. Make it more fun by counting how many ‘garden reindeer’ decorations you can spot en-route, etc. You don’t even have to get out of your car!
  • Have a family meeting to brainstorm all of your favourite Christmas activities! Then, think of ways you can do them at home.
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon in your living room. Grab all of your pillows and duvets and pile up on the sofa and watch your favourite Christmas movies with the kids (or even just alone with your other half). Don’t forget the holiday snacks.
  • Have a day baking Christmas treats. Or, if you’re feeling laid back, grab some treats from the local store. Make it ‘feel’ and’ taste’ a lot like Christmas in your home.
  • Go all out with Christmas dinner. Who cares if it’s just you and the kids (or yourself and your spouse)? Make a few of your favourite dishes and party like it’s 2019. “Stay Home Christmas 2020” memories will last a lifetime—aim to make them really special in spite of lockdown.
  • Create a new Christmas tradition, e.g. stringing popcorn together in chains whilst listening to Christmas carols. Afterwards, hang the chains up across the living room and take turns blindfolded to try and “eat” the most popcorn within a set time. Mind the tree however!
  • Be sure to look out for the “Christmas Star” on Monday, 21st. If you wait for the sun to set, a short time afterwards (whilst looking in the same direction), you should spot it, weather permitting. Last time it made an appearance was 800 years ago, so this is a pretty special astronomical event.

Decide to surprise someone else

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